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Don't see something you like? Please contact us about custom work.  Also, we keep a small inventory of popular items, so please submit the form to inquire about possible on-hand stock. 

San Diego, CA




ZeeBee Leather is a custom leather workshop in San Diego, California. Every piece is entirely handmade with pride, and obsessive attention to detail.  

Every stitch we place is a saddle-stitch carefully laid by Zach's own hand. Saddle-Stitching is when two needles pass through each hole in opposite directions, which creates a durable thread pattern. This unparalleled method for strength and durability cannot be reproduced by a machine. It's an intense, laborious process, and worth every minute: the results are beautiful and incredibly durable.

We believe in supporting local economies and artisans, and actively seek out products that both meet our rigorous standards and are made in the USA: all of our materials do, of course, meet our standards, and very nearly all of them are made in the USA.  Some of our buckles and brass hardware are made in Japan by adults making a fair wage. 

ZeeBee Leather produces beautiful, hard-wearing, durable goods that will last a lifetime.  We're here to work with you to get you those products, and can't wait to see what we can come up with together.