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San Diego, CA



"Holy Moly! These journal covers are absolutely stunningly well made and functional!  The leather of course is amazing which I expected – but the edging and stitching is just above and beyond good.  I’ve seen lots of leather goods but your work is in an entirely different league.  Worth every penny. 

Thank you so much!"

-Jason Rawlings, Lenexa, KS

"I'm like a kid on Christmas with these bags. Honestly, I expected something sweet, but the moment I opened up the box, it was an actual experience unwrapping and opening everything. Even getting hit with the strong smell of the leather - it was really special. I love that you took the time to stamp the kraft paper and pack the bags with stuffing. All really fantastic in presentation! And honestly, the bags are thicker than I anticipated - and I'm madly in love with that! I feel like they are from a different period in time. They feel one of a kind and so rugged and that thickness makes me even more excited about the process of using and wearing them in. The dopp is actually a touch bigger than I expected, as well. Again - another super happy surprise. I never have bags that can actually FIT all my shit when I travel, and I'm excited that this one actually will."
-Kristen Mallia, Brighton, MA
"I can't even tell you how many notebooks and wallets I've carried over the years, but I can say that this will be the last one.  I actually got a bit depressed thinking about my own mortality and how this wallet will still be going strong long after me.  The color is perfect and the interior pockets are perfect too.  I love how the pockets in the front cover are oriented differently; it gives the wallet a really unique look!  What an awesome wallet cover.  Thanks again for everything."
 -Paul Monnens, Saint Cloud, MN
"I've had a black Coach belt for years that I thought was pretty nice but after comparing it to yours I'm just blown away by the quality of your hand made belt."
-Tim Poole, Clifton, VA
 " I had set out looking for some quality leather pieces and had specific design ideas in mind. I knew of the quality work Zach and Zeebee leather produced, but was unsure if anyone could meet the expectations I had in my mind. When I initially approached Zach for the project, I was met with honest reluctance. The design elements were areas Zach had never touched and he, as always, wanted to make sure his customer was satisfied with what was being produced. What began as a belt, quickly grew to add a wallet, wallet leash, belt clip, and key chain combo. Once the pieces were decided, Zach continued to consult with me on every aspect of the design process, making sure he was attending to every detail I was requesting. From the layout of my wallet, to the tooling style I wanted, to every nuance of the custom built wallet leash, Zach made sure every detail was to my exact specifications. Once he began sourcing materials, he remained in continuous contact to make certain the elements fit the design.
    As the build continued Zach would send frequent updates, letting me know details of the production process and providing pictures of the beautiful work in progress. If I had questions, he was always more than prompt with responses. 
    Once the build was completed, he promptly shipped the pieces with the utmost of care. Everything was wrapped and packaged to be sure there was zero chance of damage. As I unpacked the pieces, my excitement grew. Any realistic expectations I had, were completely blown away. From the quality of raw materials used, to the attention to detail of every saddle stitch, the care put into making these pieces was unmatched. Every nuance we had discussed was taken to a higher level than what was expected   Having had a year to put these pieces through their paces, I can honestly say they only improve with time. The quality leather and components have developed character beyond what I could expect. The craftsmanship and attention to detail has only become more evident with each passing day. I continue to appreciate all of these details more daily.
   If I had to summarize my experience with Zach and my goods from Zeebee, it would be beyond expectation. I am a fan for life, and thanks to these fine goods and Zach's amazing skills, that is the time frame which I expect to have these pieces for. Anyone on the fence about a purchase from Zeebee leather, shouldn't be. I am looking forward to my next leather project and what Zach will bring to the table. The only downside to such quality is not being able to justify new pieces more often."
-Jason Lucas, Battle Creek, MI 
  "My philosophy on clothing and accessories is that they should be timeless, and built for life. So when I wanted a belt making I had no hesitation in contacting Zach at ZeeBee Leather to make something for me which would fit my requirements. My ZeeBee belt is a true buy for life item, double layered with Horween steer hide and quality vegetable tanned leather, saddle stitched together for unmatched durability and fitted with a satisfyingly chunky brass buckle. It feels good to know that I'm wearing the last belt that I will ever need to buy."
 -Gavin Smith, Mansfield, England
"I ordered a double layer, saddle stitched belt in natural leather from ZeeBee. Zach worked carefully with me on specification and measurement. We went with a nice chunky solid brass buckle attached with Chicago screws and a hidden cash pocket. 
 The craftsmanship and materials floored me upon prompt arrival. I wear no other casual belt now, it has evolved magnificently and shows no signs of wear after many months of abuse. The length has been stable as well thanks to the impeccable layered construction. 
The belt is my trusted companion now, I miss it those rare occasions I'm not wearing it. I heartily recommend letting Zach build you something that you'll get daily joy out of using. It will become a cherished personal keepsake that you will enjoy the rest of your life."
-McLain Causey, Denver, CO    
"The belt is beautiful! Your packaging was beyond expectations, gracias. Thank you for a flawless customer service experience. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you for the neat note on that piece of leather with your logo stamped on it. I'll enjoy it on my desk."
-Marg Kawasaki Cohen, San Gabriel, CA